Bill's stereo has given him a good deal of pleasure. CDs enliven those days when he can't get out of the house, and the local PBS A compact setup.station plays excellent jazz each night.

    A good system can make the listener feel that he/she is "there" at the performance, with the music rich and real.

    While the glossy "high end" audiophile magazines and shops promote huge setups (and spending for the sake of conspicuous consumption), a simple music lover can be satisfied with less.

    For years, Bill listened to the first arrangement shown, which takes up only 18" X 57" of floor space. Music sources were a Meridian 204 FM tuner, and a 208 CD player/preamp. Amplification was provided by a pair of Quicksilver 8417 vacuum tube monoblocks. The Harbeth HL-P3 speakers are derived from the little LS3/5a BBC monitor, and are the same size.  Mini-monitor speakers, by the way, are one of the key elements to audio bliss in a small room.  Buying everything used kept the price within reason.  Firing it up recalled an old Conrad Johnson ad: "it just sounds right".

    As more integrated and compact choices became available with the passage of time, Bill substituted a Linn Classik for the older electronics, and his current setup looks like this:

    A bit more streamlined in appearance, and (with the convenience features of the Linn) even more functional.  Still, the warm glow of those vacuum tube filaments did add something to the ambiance.  Ah, nostalgia. So ...

    Bill just had to try his hand at homebrew gear, which opens a door into perhaps the ultimate enjoyment of audiophilia.