"Mousegun" musings:

I've always enjoyed shooting the little "Minx", and its centerfire twin (the .25 ACP "Jetfire"). These tiny Berettas are the smallest pistols that I consider to be completely safe, as they have external hammers and inertia firing pins.

Fully loaded, and with a leather holster, either weighs less than 13 ounces. If you don't want to bother with a holster, they can be dropped into a pocket.

With either gun, you will need daylight and plenty of time to use the tiny sights. They are suprisingly accurate if you do, but much of the time you will have to "point shoot".

Here's my results at 10 FEET (that's right, feet - not yards) with the .25 in a dimly lit indoor range, firing all 9 shots as rapidly as I could trigger them off.

I made 3 runs at the target:

Of the 27 shots fired, one missed entirely, and two were outside the scoring rings of the silhouette. However, 22 punched into the the 7" wide by 10" high area within the 8 ring.

These little single action Berettas are almost in a class by themselves in terms of size. Hopefully, those who choose them will do so with full knowledge of their limitations.